The Mets treat the Nats like gnats this weekend—so far

d'Arnaud and Conforto have dropped big bombs on the Nats this weekend thus far . . .

d’Arnaud and Conforto have dropped big bombs on the Nats this weekend thus far . . .

To most appearances, when the Mets opened a weekend set with the Nationals Friday night , it looked like this could become the weekend in which the Mets were driven far enough down that they might not get back up again. Battered by the disabled list and losers of nine out of ten—including the previous weekend’s sweep by the Nats in New York—the Mets didn’t just look beaten, they looked half buried.

The Mets Look Smarter Than They've Looked for Several Years

Now that Met fans can speak of him retrospectively, wisdom should inform one and all of them that Carlos Beltran was, when healthy, one of the better lights among Met clubs that so often disillusioned from high expectations. And, yes, it’s time to quit blaming him for the onset of one of the Mets’ more heartbreak-shepherding eras.

File this under your Mets Keeping It Real tab: If he’d swung and missed on Adam Wainwright’s breaker in 2006, the screaming would have been variations on the theme of what the hell were you swinging at?!? When you’re fated to be the final out of a lost pennant, you can’t win for losing. Especially after your tenure from there is pockmarked by injuries that often made people forget how productive you were (and are) when healthy.