Dosvedanya, Dombrowski

Dombrowski hoisting one of the Tigers' AL pennant trophies.

Dombrowski hoisting one of the Tigers’ AL pennant trophies.

First, the Tigers all but threw the proverbial towel in on 2015 when they unloaded three otherwise key parts at the non-waiver trade deadline. Then, they showed they weren’t kidding by letting general manager Dave Dombrowski go just months before his current contract would expire.

“They basically told me they decided to change direction of leadership in the organization,” Dombrowski told the Detroit Free Press a day later. ”It’s kind of like an end of an era. You never like to see it end.” But he said he saw it end when his assistant GM Al Avila showed up at the ballpark Tuesday and looked as though something just wasn’t right.

Ishikawa, from Giant pennant-winning bomber to recovering Pirate

Ishikawa, from Giants glory to gone from the Giants . . .

Ishikawa, from Giants glory to gone from the Giants . . .

How much does it hurt to go from pennant-winning hero to gone in what’ll seem like a blink soon enough? Travis Ishikawa is about to find out the hard way.

He’s going back to the Pirates the same way he left them in the first place last season, a waiver claim. The Giants, his first organisation, picked him off the waiver wire a year ago April and got better than they’d bargained for last October. Now the Pirates have taken him back, after the Giants designated him for assignment Friday.

Boys Will Be Boys, But . . .

Apparently, it is now acceptable baseball code to taunt and show up the pitcher off whom you just crushed a monstrous home run, because said pitcher objected to a teammate’s possible showboating on a similar bomb four innings before you delivered yours.

That pitching duel between Justin Verlander and Jered Weaver was crusing along nicely enough—if you didn’t count Magglio Ordonez’s one-from-the-memory-banks bomb and his uncharacteristic slow step up the line to watch the ball disappear—until Carlos Guillen unloaded on Weaver.