Lucroy moves to Texas

After the Indians botched and scotched a deal to land Jonathan Lucroy from the Brewers, the Rangers swept in and bagged the catcher Monday when their deal to land Carlos Beltran from the Yankees had barely sunk in.

With relief pitcher Jeremy Jeffress also going to Texas in the deal, the Rangers sent the Brewers prospects Lewis Brinson (OF) and Luis Ortiz (P), thought to have been two of the Rangers’ top three prospects. A slightly expensive price but one that might help push the Rangers to the postseason in hand with the Beltran deal.

Deadline lines

The White Sox swear they're not looking to move Sale but in baseball (thanks, Joaquin!) and at trade deadlines there's just one word---you never know.

The White Sox swear they’re not looking to move Sale but in baseball and at trade deadlines there’s just one word—you never know. (Thanks, Joaquin!)

Who’s going? Who’s coming? Who’s buying? Who’s selling? Good questions. A few prospective answers . . .

* SALE OF THE DECADE? Not necessarily having to do with his tailoring misadventures of almost a week and a half ago, Chris Sale continues drawing big enough interest from the Dodgers, the Rangers, and the Red Sox. They have the prospects the White Sox seem most to want in any such deal; it may come to whose prospects entice them most.