The Tigers Finish a Mercy Killing

The Tigers put the Yankees in the tank . . .

CC Sabathia sat in the Yankee dugout gazing upon the field with a look, to an outsider, that seemed suspended between resignation and disbelief, moments after his day ended two thirds of the way through the bottom of the fourth. His Detroit counterpart, Max Scherzer, who had to get past late-season shoulder barking, would remain in the serious business of absolutely throttling a Yankee lineup for another inning and a third, doing to the Yankees what Sabathia once did to the other guys.

Damon Cut, But Is He Dried?

Add Johnny Damon to the ranks of aging veterans now designated for assignment. Barely a day after the Cleveland Indians did it to teammate Derek Lowe, the Tribe dropped it on Damon, which didn’t exactly surprise him. “If we’re not in contention, I’ll be the first one they drop,” he was quoted as saying to in May. He was wrong in only one sense: he’s the second one to be dropped since the non-waiver trade deadline expired.

His last stand at an end?