The Royals sweep the Angels with more than mini-ball

One down, the Orioles to go . . .

One down, the Orioles to go . . .

Forget the payrolls, as Kansas City outfielder Jarrod Dyson rightly points out. They don’t matter when you hit the field or step into the batter’s box. The wealthiest teams in baseball have been known to collapse like insolvent counties.

The Los Angeles Angels joined their ranks ignominiously Sunday thanks to a Royals team that seems to know nothing of the meaning of rolling over and playing dead. And these Angels, who’d run roughshod after the All-Star break and turned into a threshing machine while all around what remained of the American League West deflated, looked and played like zombies in a division series game they had to win just to stay alive.

The Team to Be Named Later and Other Swings

. . . so let’s catch up on our reading a little bit, with the promise that I will have a few things to say about several of the following matters in the days to come:

* Essentially, the hapless Houston Astros were named as the team to be named later in the deal that sent the Milwaukee Brewers to the National League, with the Astros beginning American League play in 2013 as a condition for approving Jim Crane as the team’s new owner. We hope you can figure out a way to enjoy fifteen-team leagues, two more wild cards, and perhaps interleague play from Opening Day until the final regular season day. I’m not necessarily sure I can, even though I think Jayson Stark had a point when he wrote that among the scheduling headaches won’t be what he calls “trying to fit more postseason baseball into an already-overstuffed schedule.”