The Trade Winds, Continued, and Other Sobrieties

Don’t look for Justin Upton to move at the non-waiver trade deadline . . . or any other time this season, say the Arizona Diamondbacks. “Close to a 100 percent chance nothing happens,” as team president Derrick Hall phrases it.


Among the clubs thought to be interested in landing the talented outfielder—who hit 31 bombs, landed an .898 OPS, and placed fourth in the National League’s MVP voting in 2011 but broke slow out of the proverbial box this season—were the Toronto Blue Jays, the Pittsburgh Pirates, the Atlanta Braves, the Detroit Tigers, and the Texas Rangers. For his part, Upton has a no-trade clause that lists the Boston Red Sox, the New York Yankees, and the Cleveland Indians as destinations he can block.

Youk Movement

Bobby Valentine won’t have the Greek God of Walks to walk all over anymore.

As the weekend approached it became a question of “to whom,” not “when.” Especially when Valentine, asked after the Kevin Youkilis situation Saturday, was quoted as saying he wanted to be able to put the people he liked into the lineup. Which could have been taken any number of ways considering the likely precise moment when the numbering began on Youkilis’s Boston days. The April moment in which Valentine threw him under the proverbial bus. There are few things more liable to deflate any proud baseball player, and that’s what Youkilis has been every day he’s played in the Olde Towne Team’s silks, than the hour in which your manager hangs the no-heart tag upon you.