Cooperstown has a date with an Angell

Roger Angell, baseball's prose poet---who doesn't like that term.

Roger Angell, baseball’s prose poet—who doesn’t like that term.

Roger Angell at 93 still reports to The New Yorker every day to read fiction for the magazine and, here and there, write yet another one of his symphonic essays from the diamonds and the stands. Next summer, he’s going to make a trip to Cooperstown as an honoured guest.

Stan Musial, RIP: A Little More than The Man

Prior to an All-Star Game, a group of American League pitchers held a strategy meeting at which the main topic was how to pitch to Stan Musial. Yogi Berra happened to be walking past the open door while the pitchers talked. As if on cue, Berra broke in: “Forget it. You guys are trying to figure out in fifteen minutes what nobody’s figured out in fifteen years.”

The coiled Cardinal, ready to crunch . . .

The coiled Cardinal, ready to crunch . . .

From Cy-VP to Sayonara?

Some speculation commences that precedent argues against Justin Verlander, the American League’s Cy Young Award winner and Most Valuable Player Award winner for 2011, facing other than sobering after-effects. Well, now. It’s worth a look to see just what are the precedents involving pitchers who have scored both awards for a single season.

Big Newk—the first CY-VP . . .