Yes, children—minus Strasburg, this Nats rotation DOES have good postseason chances

Let’s try this again.

Assume the Washington Nationals will stick to the script and implement, some time in September, the exclamation point of the Strasburg Plan. Period dot period. Assume, too, that there’ll be enough blue murder screaming over the Nats torpedoing their own postseason chances. Maybe even some conspiracy theorists demanding a formal investigation, perhaps into whether someone isn’t buying the Nats off bigtime to tank. (Would the conspiracy theorists surprise you, really?)

Now, shove all that to one side and look at the Nats’ rotation without Stephen Strasburg.

Zimmermann—Without the Stras, he won’t be leading a rotation of pushovers . . .

Humbled at the Hall

The greatest second baseman of the post-World War II era who isn’t named Joe Morgan pulled up eight votes shy of making the Hall of Fame his first year of eligibility. One of the absolute best pitchers of the same era needed fourteen years and a sabermetric review of his career to make it at last.

Roberto Alomar accepts his induction to Cooperstown . . .

Roberto Alomar and Bert Blyleven are no-questions-asked Hall of Famers now. The former’s is a triumph of reason over aging hysteria; the latter’s, a triumph of sound analysis over surface skimming.