Fool’s Gold, and Other Minings . . .

Trout robbing Hardy in June. Now, Trout gets snubbed as Gold Glove centerfielder and Hardy wins a Glove at shortstop. Go figure.

Mike Trout will surely be worth more if he wins the American League’s Most Valuable Player Award than he would have been had he won a Gold Glove as the league’s best center fielder.

Dickey Extended, Too


Doing what they did with third baseman David Wright, the New York Mets have also picked up Cy Young Award contender R.A. Dickey’s $5 million 2013 option.

Fox Sports’s Ken Rosenthal broke the Dickey option news Tuesday afternoon. As with Wright, the Mets will continue negotiating with the veteran righthander on a longer-term deal.

The 38-year-old Dickey had a career year in 2012, winning 20, losing only 6, and compiled a 2.73 ERA, 1.05 WHIP, and 230 strikeouts in 233 2/3 innings.



The Plots Thicken: Peavy, Wright Extended



That’s one less top arm on the market and one marquee third baseman extended a year at least. Jake Peavy has signed a three-year, $29 million extension with the Chicago White Sox, while David Wright’s $16 million 2013 option was picked up by the New York Mets, both moves coming Tuesday.

For Peavy and the White Sox it’s what both sides hope will equal building further on 2012, during which the White Sox looked like they might win the American League Central until the up-and-down Detroit Tigers took advantage of a late-stretch White Sox fade.

Leyland Gets Another Tour

He’ll be back—appropriately.

Jim Leyland, who deserves nothing less, will continue as the Detroit Tigers’ manager for 2013, the Tigers and the veteran manager agreeing on another single-year deal.

Why not? Leyland made extremely few mistakes this postseason, after negotiating the Tigers to an American League Central title for which they struggled to contend at all when all was said and done. It was hardly the manager’s fault that he had practically an all-or-nothing lineup or a bullpen that became inordinately shaky on the wrong tiers.

Options and Other Stirrings . . .


Two Yankees can now rest assured about one of two things: either they will be Yankees in 2013; or, they could be traded, if the Empire Emeritus decides a little reshuffling is in order following their stupefying American League Championship Series smothering.

The club picked up their options on second baseman Robinson Cano and center fielder Curtis Granderson the day after the San Francisco Giants finished their just-as-staggering World Series sweep. Each player can become a free agent after 2013 if the Yankees don’t sign them to long-term deals and, although the Yankees traditionally demur from developing long-term new deals before a player hits the market, ESPN’s Andrew Marchand says the team may think otherwise before Cano might hit the market:

Too Late Tigers, Too Much Giants

Arrivederci Romo and Ring Around the Posey whoop it up with a Series sweep . . .

“We could not find our game in the World Series,” Miguel Cabrera mourned, while the San Francisco Giants partied heartily in Comerica Park’s visiting clubhouse. Actually, the Detroit Tigers found their game in Game Four, when they needed it most. The problem was finding it against these San Francisco Giants, who were so accustomed to playing with elimination a game away they didn’t know how to get comfortable on the threshold of a sweep.

Avila’s Wrist Scratches Him From Game Four

Avila (right) is out of Game Four’s starting lineup.

The Tigers have a catching problem—Alex Avila will be a Game Four starting lineup absentee thanks to a wrist issue, and Gerald Laird will start catching Max Scherzer tonight.

Manager Jim Leyland says Avila—plagued by wrist discomfort since being hit by a foul tip in Game One—may be available in an absolute emergency but will consult with the team medical staff otherwise in the event the Tigers send the Series to a fifth game.

Execution Eve?


We can dispense right away with two things before we sit down to watch whatever Game Four of this World Series does or doesn’t turn out to be. If the Detroit Tigers are swept out of the Series before their home audience tonight, it won’t be for any single reason, nor will it be because they didn’t get the proverbial breaks. OK, we award a pass for Gregor Blanco’s creepy-crawly Game Two bunt.

So Much for the Breaks, the Tigers Look Broken

Blanco scores shortly after his RBI triple.

If the Detroit Tigers are still wondering where they have to go to buy a break, never mind a key hit with men on base or a key pitch to keep the San Francisco Giants from sneaking another couple of runs home, it’s understandable to a small extent.

Even if they, too, have no idea where the store and the costs might be. Even if wondering where to buy a break might not be the right questions for the Tigers to ask themselves.

Sabathia, Zimmerman Undergo Surgery; The Mariano May Have Second Thoughts

A pitching elbow bone spur that has bothered Yankee pitcher CC Sabathia long enough was removed during arthroscopic surgery Thursday morning.

“[A] quick and minor cleanup,” general manager Brian Cashman described the procedure.

Sabathia survived in the division series, beating Baltimore twice despite having less than his best repertoire, and he’s expected to be ready for spring training.

Meanwhile, Nationals third baseman Ryan Zimmerman, who shone during the Nats’ division series loss to the Cardinals, underwent arthroscopic surgery on his right shoulder Thursday. He, too, is expected to be ready for spring training.