The Sunny Side of the Street, and other ballads . . .

Whatever speculation there might have been (there was some) about whom the San Diego Padres might have thought about moving, there’s one candidate off the streets now: ESPN reports the Padres have signed closer Huston Street to a two-year extension, worth $14 million, including a 2015 team option that could make the deal worth $21 million to the righthanded All-Star, who’s 2-0 with an 0.91 ERA and all seventeen of his save opportunities converted through this writing.

For Street it seems almost like calling it home at last.


You find a place that you’re comfortable with, obvious success makes you feel more comfortable, but also the team, my teammates, wanting to be a teammate with these guys for an extended period of time. It’s a two-year deal with an option so if the team picks up that option it’s three years, that’ll be four years here in San Diego, at least. I think the organization itself is a bunch of people that I like, that I like being around, that I want to go play for and ultimately you have to believe in that, you have to believe in everybody involved.

The Padres picked him up in the first place in a 2011 swap with the Colorado Rockies.

With Street off the market now, eyes continue following the Padres to see if they’ll move Chase Headley.



PITCHING PUMP—The Chicago White Sox thumped Francisco Liriano last Monday; this weekend, they added Liriano to their staff, getting him from the Minnesota Twins for infielder Eduardo Escobar and minor league pitching prospect Pedro Hernandez. Liriano’s struggled this season so far (he’s battled injuries and inconsistencies since his 2006 premiere), but once the White Sox landed him—he’s expected to join the White Sox when they arrive in Minnesota after playing Texas Sunday—they extended their winning streak to five. It’s a change of scenery move for Liriano and a possible upswing for the Twins regarding Hernandez: he’s 8-2/2.92 between AA and AAA this year, though he had a shaking major league outing against the Red Sox earlier this year, but the Twins could be looking at him as major league ready as soon as 2013.


DECENCY—That’s what the Arizona Diamondbacks hope they got when they bagged Houston third baseman Chris Johnson. Not only does he have a +105 OPS-plus (league average: +100), he’s under contract control through 2017. To get him, the Snakes sent the Astros a pair of minor league spare parts. Landing Johnson, though, has several analysts thinking he brings just the infield depth needed for the Diamondbacks to think about moving Stephen Drew, with the Oakland Athletics a possible trading partner.


THIS IS THE END . . . for Baltimore Orioles second baseman Brian Roberts. He’s due to have season-ending surgery to fix a torn labrum in his right hip. The news came after Roberts was to begin a rehab assignment at Aberdeen (A). Roberts’s season started badly enough with a concussion, before he injured his hip after seventeen games back from the concussion. Roberts told reporters he would be disappointed not to stay the course with an Oriole team in surprising pennant contention this year, but the long-range plan is “to get ready for 600 good at-bats in 2013.”

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